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I drive a school bus for Durham School Services in Lewisville, TX which provides the bus service for the Lewisville ISD. I've driven the same route since August of 1994 and most of the time I like it. There are times, of course, when it would be nice to just stop and put all the kids out on the side of the road, but most of the time these are really good kids. The group most likely to be unruly seems to be the Middle School kids. I also drive an Elementary and a High School route and there doesn't seem to be the problems there. I guess I'm just lucky. There's not a lot of time to interact with them on a personal level, but it doesn't take long to become familiar with the ones that will give you trouble and the ones that won't. It will be interesting as years pass to follow their achievements and see which of them achieve the highest goals.

Update Nov 19, 2000

As of October 26, 2000 I no longer drive a big yellow bus. For many and personal reasons I decided that it was time for my wife and I to enjoy some of the benefits of real retirement. I will, however, remain interested in schoolbus drivers, students, and schoolbus issues. The request below for you to try your hand at driving a schoolbus is more timely than ever. I understand that almost all contractors and school districts are having a hard time recruiting drivers. Give it a try -- I think you'll like it.

Right here, I want to offer an opportunity -- a challenge, if you will -- for YOU to become a school bus driver. If you are within commuting distance of Lewisville please feel free to contact them at (972)221-4557 and get training. The latest D. T. Express (our own Lewisville Durham Transportation newsletter) lists a fax number and an Email address. Fax# is 972-219-7462. The Email address is really Durham School Services's web site in Austin, Texas  www.durhamschoolservices.com , but there is an Application for Employment you can download in PDF so give it a shot. What have you got to lose? If you live somewhere else, you probably have a local school district that needs qualified, safety conscious people to drive for them. Give it a try. The kids need you. Most school districts or companies will provide training in driving and student management. Jump in!

As time goes by, I'll want to address some of my "pet peeves" about driving safety. That includes school bus and just everyday variety. I'd also enjoy hearing safety tips and concerns from you, too. Also if anyone has links or e-mail addresses for Durham Transportation personnel please forward them to me. I can be reached for that purpose at Stephen T. Fox .


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