Great Links
Try'em You'll like 'em

Roy Whittle's Page-- This site will lead you to some great animated gifs and the code with which to place them on your own pages(s).

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - a fantastic website for a fantastic place where all animals can be saved. They send a newsletter to members with some terrific stories about how some of their residents came to them. If you care for animals, you'll like this place.

Walk Sydney Streets - a very impressive visit with a very impressive gentleman who is walking all the streets in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. And he's only 89 years old.

School Bus References

School Transportation News ( Monthly news magazine that addresses safety and related topics. School bus resources including statistics, key state and federal laws/regulations, extensive seatbelt information, FAQ's about school bus safety, etc.

School Bus Fleet ( Monthly magazine that contains information for the pupil transportation industry including buses, pupil management, maintenance, drivers, etc. Can also find breaking news, suppliers, association contracts, statistics, surveys, and research information.

National School Transportation Association ( Founded in 1964 by school bus contractors to "promote and foster the highest degree of safety in the transportation of school children." Provides safety information, outsourcing guidelines, and school bus news.

Durham School Services - a great transporter of children in Texas, California, and Washington. Maybe elsewhere, too.

Operation Lifesaver -- news of school bus safety

School Bus Information Council -- A great source of statistics and other information.

School Bus Driver -- A very interesting site written  BY a School Bus Driver, ABOUT School Bus Drivers,  FOR School Bus Drivers. Lots of discussion with feedback from all of us.

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