A Place For Stephen's Cats

Well, I finally got around to putting a few pictures on this page. It was my intention early on, but I'm easily sidetracked, especially when I don't know what I'm doing. Anyway, here's the beginning. They both still keep trying out their hard luck stories, but just ignore them. They keep threatening to call the SPCA. You can see how abused they are just by looking at them. If you want to see larger pictures just click on the thumbnails. More pictures later, I promise.

Photo two cats on grocery bags

Check it out! I have a bag just like Daddy's. Click on the pic for a better view."

Photo of Houdini the cat

I just love having my tummy brushed. Please brush my tummy, please, with sugar on it??

Sleepy Zorro the cat

It's tough being named "Zorro!" Everyone expects a lot of you.

Photo of Houdini asleep on his bag

Oh Boy! It's time for another snooze.

Photo of Sophie with Zorro

It's great having a sibling, even if she is a girl.




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