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Hi ! Welcome to my place. Enjoy your stay, check out the links, and sign my guest book, please.

I am a retired federal employee, having retired from the Naval Air Rework Facility at Alameda, CA. in 1993 just ahead of the base closure. If you are interested in that check out NAS Alameda. Morris Thompson keeps a nice web site with lots of pictures of retirements and lots of links to other pages relating to the subject. Also at that site is a link to listing of e-mail addresses of former employees.

Since August of 1994 I have been driving a school bus in Lewisville, TX and enjoying the experience very much. For more information on that subject go to school bus. You might find a few driving "pet peeves" or references to student behavior there.

NEW!As of October 26, 2000, I no longer drive a school bus. A combination of events made it clear to me that it was time to hang up my spurs. I am, however, still interested in the subject and intend to keep current. I learned a great deal while driving and transporting so many kids of different ages and backgrounds. The total experience was a positive one which I will not forget. I see former riders everywhere -- e.g. Eckerd's, Wal- Mart, etc. I will watch with interest as I see their names crop up in the paper with their accomplishments. I hope that my small influence on their lives has been half as positive as their influence on mine. If anyone reading this has contemplated driving a school bus and been reluctant for some reason, let me assure that it is a "good" thing.

My wife and I now share our home with three cats (read -- they let us live there in return for considerable care from us). More about them at cats . There are a few pictures there and I will try to keep adding to them. I have a lot of them.

This background, which I was quite taken with, I borrowed from someone's web page which I have since been unable to find again. It dealt with foxes and I found other pictures which were really beautiful. If anyone recognizes the source before I find it again, please let me know. Most of the things I have learned and the pictures, animations, and etc that I have, I have learned or found on the web. That's what I like about putting my page out there and surfing other pages. There is no end to people's imagination and creativity. I don't have a lot of originality, but I really appreciate it in others.

I'm always in a hurry to put this page "Out There" so I will just call it a work in progress. I think it will always be.

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If you enjoyed this effort, and/or if you have some hints, criticisms, or suggestions for improving this page, please contact me at Stephen T. Fox

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